Intellectual Property Rights

If you are having an intellectual property issue to deal with, we can help you with offering expert IP professionals who really fights your corner!

At Sukesh Roy Legal LLP, our team is committed to protect your intellectual property assets and to track down and eliminate the negative impacts created by the infringements. We serve clients both domestic and international on all Intellectual Property related matters including Trademarks, Copyrights, Patent and Design. We also cater IP litigation, IP Portfolio Management, Assignments, Licensing, IP Audits, John Doe Orders ,Enforcement Steps etc.

Our IP litigation Strategy

  • We assist you in strategic (TPM) Trademark Portfolio Management from its registration and maintenance to complete protection in the desired jurisdictions.
  • We assist you in pointing out your IP assets, and safeguard their value securing their protection.
  • We manage registration and prosecution of Trademarks, Designs, Copyright, Geographical Indications etc.
  • Appearing before courts and specialized tribunals in India on behalf of clients in matters related to Intellectual Property Rights.
  • We undertake Intellectual Property due diligence and brand audits of company’s IP assets